【COVID-19 Service time public announcement】

We are going to prevent the virus increased , due to the COVID-19, so the new rules of Japanese government will be change a little for all the restaurants in Tokyo.

We are really sorry about the inconvenience caused ,and thank you for your understanding.

New service time below :


(Reservation time 12:00or12:30) 


(Reservation time 18:00〜19:00) 

 Because of the COVID-19, we might be  changing the service time in the future.

If we have any new information which will post on our HP,Instagram,Facebook 

We are so sorry about all the inconvenience, during the most difficult time

We have to work together to conquer this big issue currently,thank you again for your understanding.

Of course , we must to thank for the people who work in the hospital ,and the people who help to prevent the COVID-19. Thank you very much.

Also , we want to pray for the people who lost their family or friends during the COVID-19, hope everything will be fine and back to normal in the future soon.

【Epidemic prevention measures for COVID-19】

Japanese ministry of health, labour and welfare (MHLW)and World Health Organization (WHO), promoting the people to wear the masks , wash hands , use alcohol to disinfect the virus all the time.

Every service ,we will use alcohol to clean all the plates,cutleries ,tables, chairs ,kitchen and bathroom, also we will open the door letting the air flowing before and after the service. 

Table and table have to be separated , we will let the customers have their own space , so during the difficult time, we will reduce the reservation guests.

Hope we can conquer the COVID-19 virus in the future soon.


Best wishes for everybody who live all around the world.