[Alchimiste] Now Accepting Reservations

We are incredibly delighted to give out a notice that we will be opening at a new location from April 10th,2021.

Adress: Tokyo, Minato City Shirokanedai 5-17-10

Open on Tuesday – Sunday

Closed on every Monday

Lunch (1course) 12,000 yen (tax included)

Dinner (1course) 25,000 yen (tax included)

*There will be an additional 10% service fee.

2F [Main Dining] open kitchen with 26 seats.

1F [Private Room] up to 8 people

*The private room with be free with a reservation of over 4 people. 

*An additional 20,000 will be charged with less than 4 people for the private room.

*The service fee will be 15% in the private room.

[When Dining with Children]

Children under 12 years old can only eat in the private room.

* A stroller is allowed but will be charged 5000 yen per stroller.

We will all be happily awaiting your arrival at our new restaurant.